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Young-Hui                                         photo: Richard Longman


Pew Charitable Trust 
The Capezio Ballet Makers Foundation, Inc.
The Harkness Foundation for Dance
Meet The Composer, Inc.
The Fannie Isquith Trust
Manhattan Community Arts Fund
Greater New York Arts Development Fund
New York City Artists’ CollectiveThe Fund for Ethnic Understandings 

Government Agencies

The National Endowment for the Arts
City of New York Cultural Affairs Division
The Office of the Manhattan Borough President
Manhattan Delegation of the City Council.
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council 
The Rensselaer County Council for the Arts      
The Virginia Commission for the Arts and Humanities
The Norfolk Commission for the Arts and Humanities
New York State Commission for the Arts and Humanities
The Virginia Beach Commission for the Arts and Humanities
Materials for the Arts
NYC Dept. of Sanitation
NYC Dept. of Education 
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation
Governor’s Magnet School for the Arts, Norfolk
Lakewood Dance Center, Norfolk 

Corporate Giving

Northwest Airlines
Features International
Herzog, Engstrom & Koplovitz, P.C.
Edmondsun, Ledbetter & Ballard
Urboch, Kahn, & Wherlin
Troy Titus, LLP
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The Whitlock Group
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Investors Security Co., Inc. 
Renault Designs
Audio Video Advantage
Downtown Sound, Inc.
Hoss, Inc.
Snapshot America
Ocean Chiropractic
Coastal Counseling Center
Stanworth Associates, Inc.
Manalwill Silks and Velvets
Broadway Lumber
Flowers by Kay
TaeKwon Do Academy
The Hampton Roads Dance Center
Hair It is Ltd.
M & G Sales, Co. 
Copies + and More 
Professional Printing Center 
Lewis's Restaurant   
Images L. C. 
Art Market 
Temple of Music 
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Country Vintner   
The Dumbwaiter   
Atlantic Imaging, Inc. 
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Emergency Physicians of Tidewater 
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Johns and Company, Fine Gifts 
Lakeview Medical Center 
EPPS Farm Supply Co. 
Chorey & Associates Realty, Ltd. 
Ashton Lewis Lumber Co. 
Bank of Suffolk 
Decorating Den 
Alliance Fertilizer  
The Gurley Press 
OBICI Hospital 
Tape Resources 
Digital Design Recording, Inc.
Barton Ford 
Cross Realty, Inc. 
Village Drugs 
Medical Transport
Kirk Lumber Company 
Duke Chevrolet 
Wal-Win Carpet 
Jerry Teplitz Enterprises, Inc.
Eclectic Design
Colony Beach Florists
Farm Fresh
Wing King
Dominoes Pizza
Alpine Health Center 


Donald McKayle
Day’s Inn At The Beach
Robert Stark
Walter Kahn
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James Leary
George Everett
Gertrude Svirsky
Rolf Goedhart
Nancy Isby
Dr. Sang June Oh
Robert Keeler
William Keeler
Sean Moss, CPA
Kathleen Rothman, CPA
Helen Murphy
Bob Nelson
Dr. Minh Phan
Konrad Winters
Kay Zentz 


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