Multi-Media Works

Anne Walseman in New York Post Wave video

modern ballet with projections of a Calendar of Mankind with Haiku-like text written by Marilynn Danitz, music composed by Michael Stearns on a sound sculpture, commissioned by The Berkshire Ballet
--premiere: The Theater of Pittsfield, MA
--Toured Springfield, Mass.; Conn.; Albany, New York City, NY

           "Wonderful, wonderful!...fascinating movement, marvelous sense of craft.
           There's something new of interest to grasp everytime I see it. That's a
           mark of good choreography!"
                                                                                         ...Paul Donahue, Lawyer for Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

           "Your dance is a real conversation piece. Everyone is talking about it!"
                                                                                          ...John Duffy, Chairman of the Board, The Berkshire Ballet

           "You really touched me. You must be a beautiful person."
                                                                                          ...Gina Polastri, Mayor of Pittsfield, MA

           "In the beginning, it was so interesting, then I became fascinated, then
           it built and built and by the end, I was enthralled!"
                                                                                           ...Nancy Manes, Dance Publicist

            "Lovely, lovely piece...the ending especially is marvelous! You have a
            strong work going for you."
                                                                                            ...Edward Henckle, Choreographer

            "I don't know whether I like that dance--but I couldn't take my eyes off it!"
                                                                                           ...overheard Audience Member

             "At the end, you could hear a pin drop. People were so moved!"
                                                                                           ...Nancy Pierce, Ballet Mistress, The Berkshire Ballet

              "Wonderful choreography!"
                                                                                           ...Maude Baum, Maude Baum and Dancers

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